Latest Brown Belt


  • Last Thursday I achieved 2nd kyu (brown belt) in Goju-Kai Karate.Until I received the grading result I had no idea how badly I wanted and needed it! TLDR in comments.I want to give a shout of appreciation to my instructor, Shihan Basil, for being an outstanding teacher and mentor and for driving me to really work for this grading.

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  • For several weeks I’ve had a really hard time finding motivation and energy and in these weeks preceeding Supanova my physical and mental health have been suffering an all time low, primarily due to overloading myself with anxiety and exam stress, but also due to some life stuff.Looking back though, I realise that the one thing that has been constant over that time period has been my karate. With my knee finally almost completely recovered from injury I’ve really been able to sink my teeth back into fitness and damn does it feel good!Since last week, having achieved 2nd kyu, I’ve been feeling a renewed vigor and motivation that had been severely lacking recently, except for when it came to my karate.

    Karate is damn good for the soul ♡

  • tirasleySo proud of you Cody xx